Fuck you attachments

The Buddha said, ” The root of all suffering is attachment”. Well, shit man. What are we not attached to? We start relationships being certain they will last forever, we start a career and think, yep this is it! If you’re like me you hate change, I hate change. I hate it so much that I would rather sit in a hot dessert with no water for 10 days than have someone break up with me or get fired from a job. When I was still drinking, before I got sober, you best believe I was attached to that bottle of whiskey. However I learned really quick whatever I expected as an outcome in this life typically was not the way it went. So I had to learn a new way, a new path, and some would even say a way to liberation.

Howwwwww though! For me, I had to learn to stay in the moment and learn a form of acceptance I never thought I would be able to learn. Instead of kicking, screaming, or binge drinking over the fact the life didn’t turn out the way I thought it should. I learned to accept it, to maybe lean into it a little bit before immediately creating more pain for myself by holding on so hard it left rope burns on my palms. What I learned and continue to learn is when we try to control outside circumstances we will always get hurt or hurt others, it always lead to more suffering.

So maybe instead of walking around saying I am non-attached, I am non-attached and trying to convince myself I am not attached to anything. I started walking around saying, I accept. I accept life as it is right in this moment.

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