The fire.

Through my 30 years of life I have endured a lot of trauma, sexual, physical, psychological, the list goes on. The Buddha never said life wasn’t going to be painful he said that I had a choice of adding more suffering or alleviating suffering. For me this means the world is not safe, there is nothing anyone can do to make the world safe for me. However there is something I can do, I can take things moment by moment using my breath and my mindfulness practice to continually remind myself of where I am. I am here right now and it’s like this, I am not 11 years old again hiding in my bed. The Buddha didn’t say to run or try to escape triggers, he said to sit with them, examine them, maybe even turn your triggers into something to learn from. This idea of running from triggers or avoiding triggers is what caused me to start drinking in the first place. The world is not safe and I am so glad it’s not because knowing this fact gives birth to liberation and the opportunity grow and adapt, bringing me closer to enlightenment.

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