The ship of non-attachment

“Mindfulness allows me to be the captain of my own ship. I can learn to be aware of each wave as it crashes against my ship and know how to stay afloat. It reminds me that I am the only person on my ship and well others may sail beside me they are also the captain of their own ship. I can help them from time to time but it is my responsibility to keep my own ship safe and secure first.  I may even sail in front of another ship to block some waves for a while so that captain may regain control of his ship, but still I am on my own ship and only responsible for my ship.  I always remember this, my ship was made for me and no one else.  I can help everyone and anyone but with the practice of being mindful I keep my own ship floating smoothly in the ocean of Samsara. Mindfulness here allows me to understand the practice of non-attachment.  It is suffering to look at anyone as better than or less than yourself. To believe that all beings have the potential to free themselves from suffering we have to learn the practice of non-attachment through being mindful of what is going on in our heart/mind as we interact with others.  Be the captain of your own ship, always support others but know they are capable of also keeping their own ship a float.”

-Hannah Mountain

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