Break down the walls

“I used to think that labels were just a symbol of pride but over time I’ve seen they only serve to divide. It’s so easy to judge people by the way they seem to be, we must overcome this problem to live life peacefully, break down the walls” – Youth of Today

Recently I was spending time thinking about the layers of walls I have built up through the years. The inner core of my being is so solid I keep a distance from anyone that tries to love or get to close to me. It causes a huge divide in my life because of judging people with trauma I am still attached to from my past.

The Buddha talks about learning to live vulnerably, letting go of the past, living in the present moment, and bringing awareness to areas in our lives where we notice aversion or pain.

I have come to understand that awareness is the beginning to any spiritual growth. To learn to be vulnerable I have to notice where my walls are built and why I built them. When I have an aversion to a particular person or situation I have to ask myself why am I putting a wall up and is this really a need or am I doing it because of fear? If so, what am I so afraid of?

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