Acceptance in connection with right understanding

To truly practice acceptance we must understand the truth of our experience in the present moment. So often we cannot accept something because we don’t see the truth of the present moment without bringing our attachments from the past into the present, or we cannot accept because of our attachments to the worries of the future.

For example I may not be able to accept something my father tells me because I am still holding a resentment against him from my childhood. I may not accept the pain of the present moment because I am caught in the triggers of the experience from the past.

How do we stay present and see things clearly without staying stuck in the mud, how do we bloom like a lotus without growing through the mud?

We must learn to accept that we are not in control of anything else but how we respond. Each time we are called to accept something we are shown two paths the path of holding on to resentments and the path of acceptance and letting go.

I will never be able to change or control my childhood or the pain I experienced but I can’t accept what happened to me and take responsibility for how I respond in the present moment.

Lack of acceptance puts road blocks in place so we cannot grow spiritually it leaves us stuck in the mud.

May we all learn to breath in “I accept” and breath out “let go”

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