What is true happiness

This morning I was looking around at all the buildings taking in the scenery and watching people hurry from one thing to the next. I similarly wake up every morning get my coffee, shower, and rush into work. I spend my days helping others and using my energy to find balance in the chaos of life. At the end of the day I always ask myself this question, was I happy in each moment of my day?

This brings me to talk about the truth of where we can find happiness. Happiness is not always present when things are going exactly how we want them too. Happiness is not always the moments when we feel we should be happy because our days are going as planned. What I have found to be true is that happiness is a state of mind that deep inside our hearts we keep open.

I can be happy in the painful moments and the wonderful moments. We train our hearts in joy and compassion and when we bring compassion to all life experiences we can find true happiness. Happiness is when we accept pain as pain and joy as joy.

True happiness is found in the hearts willingness to be present with all experiences.

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