As Buddhist practitioners we take a vow of nonviolence this means a practice of setting the intention to not cause harm every day. Some of these ways are obvious we practice not partaking in any physical acts of violence or killing. We understand the laws of karma and know that a negative action will have a negative result. However another way we have to remember to practice nonviolence is in our speech. Unkind words, gossip, and lying are all acts of violence to another being. So we set the intention to practice kind speech and not participate in unwholesome words or gossip. So often we get caught up in the moment and may partake in unkind words about other people especially those who we may think deserve it. I urge the practice of loving kindness to all beings even the ones we find it difficult to be compassionate too. The vow of nonviolence is a practice of being kind also to ourselves. How are we talking to ourselves? Is it kind and compassionate or are we being harsh or negative? It’s important to practice compassion to ourselves first because that will mirror to the world. We are all connected and to truly practice nonviolence we must send love to ourselves and all beings. Set an intention to ask yourself daily will this cause harm to myself, or another being?

May we all learn the practice of nonviolence in our actions, words, and daily life.

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