Perception and the truth

So often as humans we want black and white answers or I sometimes like to say the period at the end of the sentence. We get stuck on the perception of our truth. This comes down to many factors, our ego, our culture, upbringing, our biases, our education, our trauma, and many other things.

The beginning of practicing right view or right understanding starts with looking at ourselves first. What really matters to us? Can we see and accept that life is fleeting and impermanent? Can we let go of the craving to control things outside of us?

Right understanding really is a practice of insight into our own soul, we must dig deep and ask ourselves, where is this thought coming from? Is this my judgement mind? Am I holding a bias because of a past experience or trauma?

There is no right or wrong truth my perception based off my experience may look different than yours. One week I may see things one way and after time in meditation I may see it differently the next.

Impermanence really comes into play here. Also we must stop and look at the our feeling tone when we express our understanding. Am I angry? Am I projecting? Is this triggering a past trauma?

To see clearly we must look inward with compassion to understand the truth of what is there.

Awareness builds in this practice and eventually we will greet our different mind states with compassion. Hello judging mind, what am I seeing here?

I learned my perception is often wrong when clouded by outside or past experiences, I get stuck in my judging mind. To see clearly I sit and peel back the layers to recognize the truth.

Why is this making me upset? Where is this craving coming from? Why do I feel hurt? It is not to minimize my feelings in fact it creates more space for compassion when I look deep to see what is really present.

Always with compassion we look at ourselves never judging just sitting and making friends with the experience.

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