I was thinking about courage today, I often think of fear and how to relate to my fears or make friends with my fears. I don’t often think of what courage means. The action after recognizing my own fears and choosing to continue to live in the moment even when it is difficult or scary.

Courage to me is being willing to look clearly at any given situation. Courage means being honest with myself and leaning in to the things that are uncomfortable.

We need courage to truly live in the present moment to live through the pains of life and to see the beauty always.

I have lost a lot of loved ones the past year, it created a fear in me. I looked at myself differently as I fought through the painful emotions of loss. I continued to push myself forward but I was living in survival mode. Continuing life the best I knew how but possibly not truly living in the moment.

Courage means I not only am going to get thrown out of the nest but I am going to jump out. Love each moment for what it is and look for the beauty in everything.

Courage is how we overcome fear. Courage to accept life as it is one breath at a time.

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