Precious human birth

The other night I opened up my back porch and a bird almost flew in the house but my cat grabbed it before I could help it. Time slowed down and I became so aware of my empathy for this poor bird and the lack of empathy my cat had for this bird.

My cat acted out of complete instincts that were rooted in him from birth. Survival instincts that kept his species safe.

This made me think of how different I am being born into this human body. I have empathy for other beings pain and discomfort. I also have responsibility because of this awareness. I have to choose rather I’m going to create suffering or work to end suffering. This is one of the gifts of precious human life.

Karma isn’t just doing good things so good things happen, Karma is action. Karma is seeing with understanding and creating action with intention to cause less harm in the world and create good karmic fruit.

With this birth comes responsibility to choose compassion and to help ease the suffering.

Each moment I could choose to act out of habit without intention, but I was blessed to have the awareness of choice and to be reborn in this human body. How will I continue to create good karmic fruits from my actions in each moment?

What a gift!

May all beings learn to live a life with compassion.

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